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"Trade Law link" legal service month starts, and we escort you

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On July 1, the Hainan Council for the promotion of international trade officially launched the Hainan service month of "Trade Law link".
The full name of "Tradelink" is the legal support platform for cross-border trade and investment of enterprises of the China Council for the promotion of international trade. It is a public service platform for foreign-related commercial law built by the China Council for the promotion of international trade, with online consultation as the main body, and integrating legal identification, case inquiry, economic and trade early warning, training meetings, exchange and interaction. Provide round the clock and full process legal consultation, legal investigation, economic and trade early warning, training meetings and other services for legal issues encountered by enterprises in cross-border trade and investment, such as intellectual property rights, risk prevention, dispute prevention and settlement, trade relief, export control and economic sanctions, antitrust, National Security Review, enterprise overseas interest protection and early warning.
With the acceleration of the construction of Hainan free trade port, Hainan takes advantage of its advantages in system, policy, location and other aspects to actively create an important intersection of domestic and international double circulation, and plays an important role in attracting global factors and allocating global resources. Enterprises in the province continue to accelerate the pace of opening up international markets through foreign trade and investment, and their efforts continue to grow. However, due to the different legal environment, different legal systems and diverse trade and investment entities in various countries and regions, enterprises are facing more complex legal environment and risks in carrying out cross-border trade and investment.
In order to help trade enterprises in the province to explore the international market, Hainan Council for the promotion of international trade innovated its service mode, fully connected with the "Trade Law connect" platform, undertook the rotation work of the national foreign-related legal comprehensive service platform, actively expanded the channels to provide cross-border trade and investment legal services for enterprises, opened up the difficulties and service blockages of the domestic economic and trade rule of law and the foreign-related commercial rule of law, and provided advance A legal service platform for the whole process during and after the event.
In July, the CCPIT Hainan Council, together with the legal expert service team, made every effort to do a good job on duty in the "Tradelink Hainan service month". From January 1 to 5, it accepted and answered 25 inquiries from enterprises across the country. Enterprises are welcome to consult actively. Hainan Council for the promotion of international trade will escort you all the way and provide "one-stop" real-time legal services.
Enterprises can get consultation and answers through telephone, online message and wechat client.
The national hotline of "Trade Law link" is 400-8899-460; For online message consultation, please visit www.ctils com; You can also search the "Trade Law connect" official account on wechat to initiate online or message consultation.