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Unit functions
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Hainan Sub-council
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Hainan Sub-council(CCPIT Hainan Sub-council) was established in June 1990. It is a group organization led by the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and a trade and investment promotion agency contacted by leaders of the Hainan Provincial Government. The important link between the party and the government connects people in the economic and trade circles, enterprises, and organizations, is an important bridge for domestic and foreign business circles to carry out economic and trade exchanges and cooperation, and is an important force for promoting the development of an open economy and serving the overall situation of foreign work.
The “Articles” of CCPIT Hainan Sub-council stipulates that its purpose is: in accordance with the country’s laws and policies, carry out activities such as promoting foreign trade, using foreign capital, introducing advanced foreign technology, and Sino-foreign economic and technological cooperation,promoting the development of economic and trade relations between Hainan and other countries and regions in the world,and enhancing mutual understanding and friendship

Institutional functions
(1) Contacting the chambers of commerce (associations), enterprises, relevant international organizations, economic and trade circles, and financial circles in various countries and regions around the world, invite and receive them to visit Hainan; organizing Hainan enterprises and delegates from relevant parties to visiting,negotiating, training and participating in various economic and trade technology (hereinafter referred to as economic and trade) exchanges and cooperation activities abroad or outside the province; cooperating with relevant institutions and enterprises at home and abroad to organize economic and trade activities or conferences; promoting international service trade and introducing foreign investment and advanced technology And professionals.
(2) Accepting economic and trade consultations and providing related services; investigating, collecting and researching economic and trade trends, exchanging, transmitting, and publishing economic and trade information, hosting and editing economic and trade newsletters, publications, materials and other publications.
(3) Giving full play to the intermediary function, do research on enterprises, assistingthem in solving problems, communicating the relationship between the government and enterprises; reflecting major situations related to the development of economy and trade and stimulating domestic demand, and putting forward opinions and suggestions.
(4) Organizing, undertaking and guiding various exhibition activities at home and abroad (including exhibitions, expos, exhibitions, exhibitions and similar activities, hereinaftercollectively referred to as "exhibitions" ). Centrally accept, report, organize and manage economic and trade exhibitions held or participated in overseas by the province; approve, receive, participate and manage overseas product exhibitions in Hainan, and approve temporary export, temporary import, and retention purchases of exhibits and general trade samples; Receiving and participating in exhibitions of products from other places in the country in Hainan; collecting, displaying, exhibiting, and distributing new product samples, samples and new technology publications at home and abroad.
(5) Organizing, undertaking, and managing business activities such as exhibitions, negotiations, and conferences assigned by the provincial government.
(6) Accept relevant economic and trade legal affairs consultation; mediate economic and trade disputes, disputes, agent and participate in economic and trade arbitration, litigation; issue certificates of origin of exported goods, processing and assembly certificates; agency consular certification, foreign-related commercial document certification, temporary export items "ATA" Documents; Acting for Hainan enterprises and individuals abroad and for overseas enterprises and individuals in Hainan for trademark registration and patent applications; providing industrial property rights , intellectual property and other economic and trade legal services. (7) To guide the work of cities, counties, industry trade promotion associations and affiliated chambers of commerce (association). (8) To undertake other tasks assigned by the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.