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(1)the office
Responsible for the comprehensive coordination of administrative affairs in the meeting; responsible for the organs of information and communication, conference, logistics, party groups, letters and visits, information networks, news publicity, machinery to be kept confidential, personnel management, file management, financial management and other work; liaison, coordination of provincial trade promotion committee members, consultants and system branches; contact hainan International Chamber of Commerce and other associations to organize the formulation of Hainan trade promotion and development plans; Give full play to the role of endorsement of industry and commerce in the field of foreign trade and economic cooperation, reflect the situation and opinions to the relevant departments, and coordinate the Hainan Trade Promotion System to carry out research on economic and trade issues.

(2)Department of International Liaison
Responsible for contacting relevant international organizations, trade promotion agencies and economic and trade organizations of various countries and regions, establishing cooperative relations, proposing multi-bilateral business cooperation plans and annual plans; Responsible for the daily work of the Liaison Office of the China --- ASEAN Business Council (Hainan).

(3)Ministry of Trade and Investment Promotion
To study and formulate the province's trade and investment promotion mechanism and management methods, carry out domestic and foreign exhibitions, conferences, forums, investment promotion and economic and trade exchanges, coordinate Hainan Province's participation in the World Expo-related matters, manage various foreign economic and trade exhibitions organized by the trade promotion system in Hainan, cooperate with relevant institutions at home and abroad to provide trade and investment facilitation services, provide trade and investment information services and business training, and edit and publish trade and investment promotion information materials.

(4)Department of Legal Affairs
Coordinate the legal affairs and public legal services of the Provincial Trade Promotion Council, guide and coordinate the construction of the commercial legal service system of the provincial trade promotion system, carry out business such as mediation and participation in arbitration of economic and trade disputes, international business urging performance, offshore damage management, industrial property rights and intellectual property rights consultation complaints, anti-dumping investigation, etc.; Individuals in overseas and overseas enterprises and individuals in Hainan for trademark registration, patent applications, with the relevant government departments to participate in the province's foreign trade and economic policies, laws and regulations and foreign economic and trade negotiations, establish and improve Hainan foreign economic and trade friction early warning and response mechanism, with the China Council for the Promotion of Trade to organize relevant industries to carry out foreign economic and trade lobbying and participate in international economic and trade friction response.