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We hold training to improve the English proficiency of cadres

 Date:2022-06-17 08:48:41  Source:  Views:
In order to implement the provincial Party committee's plan to carry out the "year of capacity improvement and construction" in the whole province, we held a training on improving the English ability of cadres in the afternoon of June 13 according to the work arrangement of carrying out practical training.

According to the specific English level of our cadres, Mr. sunchendi explained the English learning methods in detail from the aspects of learning English purpose, learning English words, skills, English sentence patterns, writing English E-mail format, translation methods of English sentences and so on, and combined with the relevant knowledge of Hainan free trade port and the relevant business content of our association to give examples, which improved everyone's interest and confidence in learning English.
They all said that they would use more time, persevere, strengthen English learning, consolidate training achievements, improve their ability to use English, and better serve foreign-funded foreign trade enterprises.