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The 12th China International Creative Design Promotion Week was successfully held in 2021

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On the evening of December 9, 2021, it was hosted by the China Council for the promotion of international trade, jointly organized by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Hainan Sub-council, the Sanya Municipal People's government and the business industry committee of the China Council for the promotion of international trade, undertaken by the Hainan chamber of Commerce of the China International Chamber of Commerce, and organized by the Sanya Municipal Committee of the China Council for the promotion of international trade The "2021 12th China International Creative Design Promotion Week" (hereinafter referred to as "creative week") Co organized by Hainan graphic design association was officially opened at Tianya Haijiao mangrove resort in Sanya City, Hainan Province.
Li Guoliang, vice chairman and Deputy Secretary of the Party group of Hainan CPPCC, announced the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Lin Chunhong, vice president of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Hainan Sub-council, Li Zhijie, secretary and President of the Party group of Hainan Council for the promotion of international trade, Huang Xingwu, member of the Party group and vice mayor of Sanya Municipal People's government, and Wu Konde, a master of Arts and crafts in Hainan, attended and delivered speeches. Also present at the opening ceremony were Wang Jianguo, the second level inspector of the Department of Commerce of Hainan Province, Xie tingguang, deputy director of the Intellectual Property Office of Hainan Province, Zeng Yafei, President of the chamber of Commerce of the International Chamber of Commerce of China, Zhang Zhihua, President of Qingdao Institute of Surveying and mapping, and other leaders, as well as representatives from relevant government agencies of our province, "creativity week" Representatives of exhibitors and professional buyers of tourism creative commodity exhibition, representatives of service trade enterprises, teachers and students of relevant colleges and universities, media reporters, etc.
With the theme of "creative design · sharing a better life", this event mainly includes three sections: events, forums and exhibitions, with the following distinctive characteristics:
1、 The combination of online and offline has expanded the scale of participation. The national college business elite challenge held online from November 19 to 20 has been successfully completed. There are nearly 200 colleges and universities, more than 500 teams and 2800 students, an increase of more than 20% over last year. The exhibition scale of tourism creative commodities held offline from December 10 to 12 increased by about 50% over last year.
2、 The exhibits are rich and bright. The tourism creative commodities exhibition includes the pre heating booth of Hainan Week activities of Dubai World Expo, the Lanmei characteristic booth, the booth of Chinese arts and crafts masters, the booth of creative maps and peripheral products, etc. among them, a Sanya creative commodities exhibition area is specially set up for Sanya to display and promote the excellent tourism creative commodities of Sanya. There are also works of national and provincial craft artists, award-winning works of national tourism creativity competition, new cultural and creative products and more than 500 categories. The design of high-end exhibits is novel and far-reaching, reflecting high artistic value. New cultural and creative products are integrated with urban culture and traditional culture, revealing a deep Hainan complex. This tourism creative commodity exhibition will focus on the display of cultural and creative products and tourism creative design achievements. Rich and diverse exhibits and stands with different styles will create an important cultural and economic and trade activity in Sanya in December.
3、 Exhibitors participate widely and make collective appearances. At the tourism creative commodity exhibition, Hainan women's Federation, Hainan ornamental stone association, Hainan arts and Crafts Association, Hainan Urban Vocational College, Sanya college and other colleges and universities collectively participated in the exhibition in the form of exhibition groups to highlight the strength of the team. Sanya image pavilion was set up in this exhibition to launch Sanya tourism products, cultural and creative products, Sanya good gifts and tourism companion gifts, creative accommodation, design works, etc. with distinctive local characteristics. More than 40 tourism souvenir merchants in Sanya's well-known scenic spots participated in the exhibition, which was a wonderful collective appearance of Sanya's tourism cultural and creative products in the creativity week.
Four, build platform, mining local creative design talents. The "creativity week" provides an exchange platform for many local design talents. With the help of this platform, the design works of college students and many innovative entrepreneurs in the tourism creative commodity exhibition can better land and go to the market, realize the three in one of culture, creativity and industry, and contribute to the construction of an international design island in Hainan.
On December 9, before the opening ceremony of the "creativity week", Li Guoliang, vice chairman and Deputy Secretary of the Party group of Hainan CPPCC, Li Zhijie, President of Hainan Council for the promotion of international trade, Huang Xingwu, vice mayor of Sanya, and other participating leaders and guests visited the Tianya Haijiao mangrove International Convention and Exhibition Center. At the Expo Hainan week booth, learn about the history of the World Expo, Hainan's participation in previous World Expos and the preparations for the 2020 Dubai World Expo Hainan week. Hainan week will be held from December 22 to 24, during which Haikou day and Sanya day will be held to comprehensively display the new achievements in the construction of Hainan free trade port in the form of forum, promotion, artistic performance and intangible cultural heritage exhibition. The main venue of Hainan week is located in Haikou and will be broadcast live in Dubai China Pavilion. In the exhibition area of Chinese arts and Crafts Master Huang Zhiwei, in 2021, master Huang Zhiwei's three new works "blessing", "Ruyi God of wealth" limited edition and "creative tea cup of the Chinese Zodiac" held their first shows on the cultural and creative exchange platform of the creativity week. In Sanya exhibition area, thousands of unique tourism cultural and creative products of Sanya are displayed, including Sanya Haoli, acri coconut hand gift, shell necklace, creative home stay, etc., as well as egg carving artists' on-site display of carving technology on eggshells, so as to restore Sanya's tourism resources in a rich way of experience and explore new development opportunities for Sanya's tourism brand construction.
The cultural and creative industry development forum was held on December 10. The forum focused on the theme of "creativity improves the brand and design leads the trend", introduced the design "external brain", exchanged the latest cutting-edge views on design, closely followed the theme of the times, excavated innovative views, committed to cultivating local design talents, providing advice for Sanya creative design and leading the creative trend of Sanya Drive the design fashion, enhance the talent competitiveness of Hainan International Design Island, and help the construction of Hainan free trade port. Wang Xu, executive vice president of Boao Institute of culture and innovation, delivered a keynote speech on the theme of "group wisdom, enabling cultural tourism", discussing the future of culture and innovation from the perspectives of IP, content, development and talent education. Geng Songtao, professor and doctoral advisor of the school of tourism of Hainan University, delivered a speech entitled "high quality development of cultural and creative industries in Sanya under the background of the construction of free trade port", which discussed how to promote the integrated development of cultural and creative industries and tourism industries. Chinese arts and Crafts Master Huang Zhiwei delivered a speech entitled "creativity promotes brand, design causes trend", and proposed that the integration of cultural industry and tourism can win the people and become an industry. Wang Qiji, executive president and Secretary General of Hainan art and Design Association, delivered a speech on "creative design and development thinking of Hainan cultural and creative products", and Gong Shuying, director and associate professor of art and Media Department of Sanya Aviation Tourism College, delivered a keynote speech on "giving full play to the characteristics of art education and helping the development of Hainan cultural and creative industry". The forum attracted more than 120 participants, including representatives of national well-known creative design enterprises, influential arts and crafts masters in China, heads of design or cultural innovation industry associations, representatives of cultural, tourism and cultural innovation enterprises, teachers and students majoring in design in Colleges and universities.
The creative week tourism creative commodity exhibition will be held in the mangrove International Convention and Exhibition Center at the ends of the earth from December 10 to 12. During the exhibition, Chinese arts and Crafts Master Huang Zhiwei and Hainan huaweimei culture and Art Co., Ltd. will hold a signing ceremony. Master Wu Konde will hold the first show ceremony of the latest creative arts and crafts at the exhibition site.
Introduction to the first show of creative week
1、 Master Huang Zhiwei's first show
1. Blessing arrival (original)
Size: length 25 width 18 height 35 (CM)
The work shows the legendary Jigong living Buddha, the incarnation of the Dragon subduing arhat, who helps the world, helps others, eliminates disasters and blessings, sings while drinking, spreads the gospel all over the world, brings happiness and auspicious well-being.
The clothes of the work are purple and uniform glaze, and the fetal mud is thick and simple. Combined with the figures with both form and spirit, it also highlights the long-standing cultural heritage of Shiwan ceramic works.
⌲ may everyone be in good health and everything goes well.
⌲ it means smooth future, elegant romance and auspicious beginning.
2. Ruyi God of wealth Limited Edition
Size: length 25 width 18 height 35 (CM)
The work portrays the God of wealth with a thick beard on his face, a golden crown on his head, a treasure in his hand, and riding a majestic tiger. He is the most trusted God of wealth among the people. "Thousands of gold scattered and come back", this open-minded and indifferent made him the most intelligent God of wealth in Chinese folk beliefs. Riding clouds, driving fog and colorful clouds means good luck in the year of the tiger and making a fortune! It symbolizes people's good expectations for good weather and pray for prosperous business and happy life.

3. Creative tea cup of the Chinese Zodiac
The auspicious elements of the Chinese zodiac are integrated into the tea cup to create a 12 Chinese Zodiac blessing cup. The Chinese Zodiac fits the meaning of protection and protection. The cup takes the good color of "a lifetime" and has both health and peace, which is the blessing. These 12 spirits have the meaning of warding off evil spirits and protecting the Lord since ancient times. They integrate the elements of the Chinese Zodiac into the tea ware, continuing the beautiful meaning of the Chinese Zodiac itself! The little pig is joyful. In order to get a good color head, the cup is named "good luck in pig affairs". I wish the upcoming year of pig good health and everything goes well. The rabbit is dexterous. The cup is named [former rabbit boundless]. The lively rabbit is full of vitality and implies a smooth future.
The horse is fit and healthy. The cup is named "success upon arrival". The horse is auspicious. The arrival of the horse is the message of success, implying elegance, romance and auspiciousness. With the blessings of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, the Nafu cup is lively and romantic. It is placed next to you to seek happiness and peace every year.
4. High mountains and flowing water
Enjoy the mountains and rivers and look for bosom friends in the world. The work uses exaggerated generalization to create the scene of Boya playing the ancient Qin. The expression is vivid, dynamic and natural, and the string music is harmonious and lifelike. The pottery color is elegant and simple, has a deep lasting appeal, and is partially glazed, giving people a fresh and pleasant feeling. The glaze color is round. Unique texture, antique and meaningful.
5. Pottery sound box of pottery rhyme

2、 Master Wu Konde's first show
1. Youth strength - football ball
Material: nanmu
Dimensions: l 40x w 38 h 65cm
Author: Wu Kongde
2. Strong youth - cultural self-confidence
Material: nanmu
Dimensions: l 45W 35h 60cm
Author: Wu Kongde