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Authorized to issue China ASEAN preferential certificate of origin

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In order to better help enterprises carry out international operation and help Hainan free trade port create a first-class business environment, the Legal Affairs Department of Hainan Council for the promotion of international trade carefully combed the blocking points such as "the long processing time of China ASEAN preferential certificate of origin" according to the instructions of the leaders of the Council, worried about the needs of enterprises and thought of enterprises, solidly promoted the work of commercial certification, improved quality and efficiency, and recently, The key blocking point of ASEAN preferential certificate issuance authority has been cleared.
Since the China ASEAN free trade agreement involves 11 countries, the filing procedures are cumbersome and the audit time is long, the comrades in charge of commercial certification of the association have not been granted the issuing authority at present. If Hainan enterprises want to apply for the certificate, they need to submit it to the commercial certification center of CCPIT for review, printing and mailing after the preliminary examination of CCPIT. The certificate processing process is complex and takes a long time.
In July 2021, Li Zhijie, Secretary of the Party group and President of CCPIT, went to the legal affairs department to carry out the research activity of "blocking points, solving problems and promoting development", and experienced the process of CCPIT's commercial certification business service on site. After the experience, President Li Zhijie held a symposium to sort out the problems existing in commercial legal services and put forward guiding opinions. The legal affairs department actively communicated with the commercial certification center of the China Council for the promotion of international trade to promote the implementation of the manual signature information filing of visa personnel, and designated special personnel to track the progress.
After many business exchanges and communication with the commercial certification center of CCPIT, on August 4, 2021, the Certification Center issued the notice on the information of registered origin visa institutions and personnel under the China ASEAN Free Trade Agreement to publicize the filing list of manually signed personnel. After publicity, the two visa personnel engaged in the issuance of preferential certificate of origin of CCPIT will obtain the authority to issue ASEAN preferential certificate. From now on, we can directly issue ASEAN preferential certificate of origin for Hainan foreign trade enterprises, effectively simplifying the certificate processing process and reducing the certificate processing cost.
In the next step, CCPIT will do a good job in issuing China ASEAN preferential certificates of origin in strict accordance with the requirements of the commercial certification center of CCPIT; Strive to raise awareness of responsibilities and vigorously carry out publicity and promotion of the free trade agreement and interpretation of preferential policies; Continue to strengthen the work level, help the talent construction of origin visa team, help enterprises reduce export costs and expand the international market.