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Complete the electronic filing of the first entry ATA carnet to help enterprises

 Date:2021-06-02 10:48:00  Source:  Views:
On May 27, a Japanese enterprise transferred the underwater bottom cleaning equipment worth 1490000 yen to Haikou and declared customs clearance by virtue of the documentary volume JP / 2021 / 00554 issued by the Japan Commercial Arbitration Association. After receiving the enterprise's application, we will quickly review the scanned copy of the carnet, the entry carnet filing form and other relevant materials, provide customs clearance guidance to the freight forwarder handling personnel, and timely send the filing information to the customs to help the enterprise pass customs smoothly.
ATA carnet is an international customs clearance document, which is specially created by the World Customs Organization for temporary inbound and outbound goods; Because of its unique customs clearance advantages, it greatly simplifies the customs clearance procedures of goods. It is called "cargo customs clearance passport" by economic and trade circles and professionals. Hainan Council for the promotion of international trade was authorized by CCPIT to carry out ATA carnet business in 2018, and is responsible for accepting applications for issuing outbound ATA Carnets and electronic filing of inbound ATA Carnets across the province. In the next step, we will continue to do a good job in the publicity, promotion, issuance and use of ATA Carnets, give full play to the advantages of the international system of ATA Carnets, help enterprises improve customs clearance efficiency and promote international economic, trade, cultural, scientific, technological and sports exchanges.