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Give play to channel advantages and help the park attract investment

 Date:2022-03-01 15:17:27  Source:  Views:
Our representative office in Germany introduced Ye Xinjie, the representative of the China region of the Trade Promotion Bureau of Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany, and his delegation to visit us on the morning of February 23, 2022. Minister Li pinggong of the International Liaison Department met with German guests.
Representative Ye Xinjie said that the main purpose of this visit was to further understand the relevant policies of Hainan free trade port, especially the policies of relevant parks, promote the settlement of German life sciences and other projects in Hainan, and focus on the service industry, medical industry and other key development industries in Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany. He said that German enterprises in Lower Saxony pay great attention to Hainan free trade port and hope that Hainan Council for the promotion of international trade will recommend and arrange them to connect and negotiate in relevant parks according to the needs and projects of German enterprises.
According to the needs of German guests and the industries involved in the project, Minister Li pinggong introduced the construction of Hainan free trade port, the planning and investment promotion direction of 11 key industrial parks, preferential policies such as double 15% tax, outlying island tax exemption, processing value-added ≥ 30% and key industries developed by the free trade port to German guests, and invited Ye Xinjie to organize German enterprises to visit Hainan on behalf of German guests, Participate in the activities organized by my association.
The two sides had in-depth exchanges and reached cooperation consensus on strengthening economic and trade information exchange, mutual visits of business delegations and jointly building an exchange and cooperation platform for bilateral enterprises.
Before the meeting, according to the needs of German guests and the situation of German life science projects, we contacted and connected five key parks, including Haikou Jiangdong new area, Haikou national high tech Zone, Haikou comprehensive protection zone, Boao Lecheng medical pilot zone and Sanya yazhouwan science and Technology City, and arranged German guests to visit and connect.
German guests had a discussion with relevant personnel of Haikou Jiangdong New Area Administration Bureau
German guests have a discussion with relevant personnel of the State Investment Corporation of Haikou national high tech Zone
German guests had a discussion with relevant personnel of Hainan Boao affiliated stem cell hospital
German guests visit yazhouwan technology in Sanya
After the meeting, the German delegation visited the parks contacted by CCPIT, understood the investment policies of the parks, and negotiated the implementation of relevant projects, which achieved good results.